Mini Behaviour Evaluation Questionnaire

Take this mini behaviour evaluation questionnaire to help uncover what may be contributing to your weight problem, ie. the behaviours and beliefs that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Q1. I have an unhealthy lifestyle:
Q2. I regularly quit diets if I haven't followed them properly:
Q3. I should lose more weight on diets than I end up doing:
Q4. I have a sweet/savoury snack almost every day:
Q5. The quality of food I eat becomes poor when I'm stressed:
Q6. Turning to food or eating junk food helps me cope when I'm tired:
Q7. I don't just want to, I HAVE TO lose weight:
Q8. I am not really happy with who I am inside:
Q9. I always celebrate success/occasions with food/snacks/drinks:
Q10. I eat fatty foods more than 3 times a week:

We will email you a copy of the results where you will be invited to book your complimentary call with one of our weight loss coaches, to interpret the results and discover how to use them, to lose more weight.

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