Maria Dowling

Maria Dowling

Lost 7st 8lb

Maria Dowling

Lost 7st 8lb
Maria lost 7st 8lb and is maintaining 6 years

“I’m determined not to go back to the way I was, at 18-and-a-half stone. It’s a lot easier to keep the weight off than have to go and lose it all again, and the monthly appointments I have on the maintenance programme help me do that.

“Let’s be honest, we all have the occasional slip. When that happens I increase the appointments to every fortnight. I love having that flexibility, and knowing I can shift those few pounds before they take hold and I end up back where I started.

“I lost weight once before with a herbal diet, but put it all back on and found my confidence plummeting as the scales tipped ever higher. The turning point came for when I attended a business meeting for artists like myself.

“The keynote speaker had been quite a heavy woman, but when she addressed us that day, she’d slimmed down and looked fantastic. I’m afraid we showed little interest in the professional advice she was dispensing – all we wanted to know was how she’d lost all that weight and looked so glamorous! She told us about Motivation and I thought, if she could do it, maybe I could too.

“From the beginning, I lost 3-4 pounds a week. There were no ups or downs, just a steady, consistent loss, which was very encouraging. My first appointment was July 4th 2009 – my own Independence Day – and by the following February, I’d reached my target weight.

“It was great to be a normal size, and it’s even better to know that, six years later, I’ve managed to stay in shape. That’s the beauty of the maintenance plan: it gives me great security to have the support of my personal weight loss consultant whenever I need it.”

*Results achieved by following a tailored programme. Weight loss results may vary from person to person.

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