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The New Food Pyramid – An Overview By Diabetes Ireland

The following article has been taken with permission from the 2017 Spring Edition of  Diabetes Ireland which is published by

Unlock the Pleasure Principle: Without the Need for Junk Food OR Alcohol

We humans are programmed to seek pleasure – a hug, great sex, that glass of wine, a chocolate muffin, that

Top Ten Tips To Get The Best Sleep

When we are sleep deprived our metabolism starts to slow down. 7-8 hours of good quality sleep is recommended. If

8 Top Tips To Manage Weight Loss This Summer

Notice the stretch in the evenings?  The summer is definitely approaching and with it, plenty of weekend activities that revolve

50 Plus Expo Cork Competition Winner

Thanks to the people of Cork for turning out for the 50 Plus Expo Cork in the Cork City Hall

12 Easy Food Swaps For A Healthier Life

One of the best ways to make sustainable lifestyle changes is to make food swaps for a healthier life for

25 Healthy Snacks For Less Than 100 calories

I recently received an email looking for ideas of snacks for less than 100 calories and when I started to

Motivation Weight Management Talk To The Irish Cancer Society – Part 2

In part one of our interview we discussed the links to being overweight and cancer. In part 2 we look