You’ve probably tried every diet and always regained the weight.

Why is this?

Because dieting only treats 50% of the problem.

If dieting by itself worked nobody would be overweight!

A Sensible Approach

In order to lose and maintain your weight there needs to be two treatments.

1. You need to follow a healthy eating plan tailored to your needs.
2. You need to understand and address WHY you eat.

We help you to look at the behaviours and emotional triggers at the root cause of your weight.

This second treatment is the part that most conventional programmes fail to address. This could explain why you find it such a constant battle to get off that yo-yo diet rollercoaster.

Your one-to-one consultations with your own personal weight loss consultant will help you to understand WHY you act and think the way you do.

You will also totally change your relationship with food, so you can finally get the long-term results you’ve been searching for.

Clinical studies show that our programme has an amazing 82% weight maintenance rate after 4 years compared with conventional programmes that have a maximum of 5% weight maintenance after just 1 year.

Success Stories

See how these people lost weight and more importantly, how they continue to maintain their weight loss.

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Paul Faulkner

Lost 10 Stone 8lb

Siobhan Foley

Lost 2 Stone 3 Lbs

Melanie Reilly

Lost 5 Stone

Anthony Beakhurst

Lost 5 Stone

*Results achieved by following a tailored programme. Weight loss results may vary from person to person.


Lose fat, not muscle, with our low-fat, low-carb meal plans that are high in protein to satisfy those cravings and make you feel fuller for longer.

100+ Recipes

Hundreds of delicious low GI high protein recipes that will help you enjoy your weight loss journey. Try something new everyday!