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Originally published on Evoke.ie.

Noel Pearse is quite literally half the man he used to be.

What a difference a year makes, just over 12 months ago Noel, a Limerick taxi driver weighed over 30 stone but now thanks to some inspiring motivational help he weighs in at a healthier weight shedding a whooping 14 stone in the process.

Turning to motivation Weight Management clinic in Limerick Noel, a former rugby player, succeeded in loosing the dramatic weight loss in just one year and reached his ultimate goal to help him to train his son at rugby.

In July 2013 Noel approached Motivation Weight Management centre after hearing about their work through a friend – he met his Adviser Liz Murphy who worked with him throughout the year. The Limerick local believes his change of mindset was responsible for him loosing a massive 14 stone.

Whether a person is on a proven diet, or the latest celebrity fad diet, achieving long-term change and success won’t be possible unless they change their mental outlook.

Noel claims his life was completely miserable before he decided to do something about his 30 stone weight – He had no energy, no-self esteem and a bad quality of life.

The father of two had played rugby in his earlier years with Thomond Rugby Club, however, since he gave up the sport and coaching, the weight crept up to over 30 stone.

According to Noel, “The first week the weight just fell off … I must have dropped 1.5 stone in the first week and while the weight loss slowed later, I kept with it and a year later I’m 14 stone lighter. I kept with the gym in the mornings and the pool at night and although exercise was allot more difficult than in my rugby days, I stayed with the programme. The first week was the hardest however now I know it’s all mindset and can be done.”

Noel continues “What is extraordinary is that people don’t recognize me on the street, even my sister didn’t recognize me when I dropped the last stone. My family are delighted – I’ve even now shaved the beard which was simply there to hide my double chin!”

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