Quit Smoking, Get Fitter & Lose Weight

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The Ultimate Hat Trick

Quit smoking, get fitter and lose weight at the same time. We call it the ultimate health hat-trick. Research tells us that the average quitter will gain 10lbs / 4.5kgs a year after giving up smoking. It’s no surprise.

Giving up the habit of smoking is extremely challenging. Alongside the fight against intense cravings for a ‘hit’ of nicotine, the ex-smoker often gains weight, which can lead some people to become so frustrated that they unfortunately return to smoking.

Some smokers even admit to using smoking as a weight loss aid, as it helps to diminish their appetite. But, with the right support, anyone can learn to give up smoking and either maintain, or even lose weight at the same time. What’s more, with the cost of smoking now so high, there’s added incentive to use the money that could be spent on smoking instead on something healthy, such as a Motivation weight loss programme or on a health club membership.

Even a relatively low habit of ten cigarettes per day will add up to around €170 each month. This sum could be used instead for your weekly weight loss appointments, support and a supply of protein bars to help you through the cravings.