Clinic Update 26th March 2020


On Wednesday 25th March, the Government announced a series of new measures in what they called ‘unprecedented actions’ to respond to an ‘unprecedented emergency’.

Since the initial Government closure request our clinic network has been open in as much as we can to facilitate the requirements of our clients. We continue to provide live online video or telephone consultations and our online store continues to receive and ship orders on a next-day courier-delivery basis.

The new Government directive has requested the temporary closures remain in effect until 19th April. One of the key items in this directive is that ‘all non-essential retail outlets are to close to the public and all others are to implement physical distancing.’ We consider the weight management services we provide to our clients in our clinics to be essential in order to maintain one’s physical and mental health during these challenging times and as such we will continue to provide live online video or telephone consultations and access to our online store.

As keen as we are to facilitate all our clients, the bookings for online consultations is quite busy so if you want to avail of this service please email now.

Experts and many noted commentators have said it will pass and we will all pull through. At times it doesn’t feel like that. That’s one of the reasons we started the Motivation Mindset series of videos, something to help you keep your feet grounded, your head as clear as it can be and you spirits as high as we can lift them. Yes, it will pass but let’s not sidestep the many challenges, both physical and mental that we call face. Check out the Mindset series, it’s in your inbox or on the Mobile App and over on the Facebook Support Group page.

Our drive to help and support our clients is the same as it was when we opened the door of our first clinic 25 years ago. We are here to hold your hand and to help you manage your weight and to help you change your habits and behaviours in and around food. Let’s continue that journey because despite the challenges we all face, we know that losing weight and maintaining that weight loss opens the door to a better world, both mentally and physically.

Let’s do our collective part to deal with Covid-19 but don’t lose sight of your own weight loss journey. We will get through this and all will be well again.