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How do I use the programme?

For maximum efficiency, listen to the Motivation sequence every day. This sequence lasts about six (6) minutes.

Reserve another six (6) minutes to listen to the Programming sequence – the last audio file on the bottom of the table below.

The sequence is very important and effective to successfully change your habits and attitudes in the long term.

When should I use the programme?

You should listen to at least one Motivation sequence every day, following the sequence of days from the start of your programme. Programme yourself daily by also listening to the Programming sequence. You can listen as often as you like.

You can listen to both sequences (Motivation and Programming) one after the other or at different times in the same day.

If you can’t or were unable to follow the programme every day, when you start again, pick up where you left off, even if you stopped for several days. The Programming sequence can be listened to whenever it suits you best, but not while driving a car or during activities that require your vigilance.

Some people react quickly and feel a heaviness in their heart and limbs. Others take more time and usually achieve this feeling in one or two 21-day sequences.

Some people will fall asleep during the programming. They still benefit from the effects of the programming and usually sleep better.

How often can the programme be repeated?

After 21 days you will see an improvement in certain habits and attitudes. To maintain these improvements, you must continue repeating the motivation exercises.

After a 21-day sequence, start the same programme over again. You cannot repeat the programme too many times.

Once you feel comfortable with your body weight, listening to the programme three times a week, every two (2) days should be sufficient to maintain your acquired benefits.

If after a time of not listening to the programme you feel your motivation decreasing restart the programme as soon as possible.

How can I optimise results?

While listening to the different sequences ask yourself if the examples remind you of yourself or some personal experience.

You can also ask your subconscious to help in discovering your own blockages and solutions to your problems.

During the Programming apply the suggestions to your specific need or your own personal experience during the day.

Mentally visualise the solutions to your problems.


Audio Files: Guilt & Perfectionism

Guilt & PerfectionismDay 1
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 2
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 3
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 4
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 5
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 6
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 7
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 8
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 9
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 10
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 11
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 12
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 13
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 14
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 15
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 16
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 17
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 18
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 19
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 20
Guilt & PerfectionismDay 21
Guilt & PerfectionismProgramming Sequence


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