How To Deal With Weight Gain During Or After Menopause

Weight gain is a frustrating symptom of menopause. Experts have suggested that a woman with reduced oestrogen levels at menopause could typically expect to gain 12 to 15 pounds (5.4kg-6.8kg).

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Is There Any Hope of Being Slim After Menopause?

Yes, absolutely! Similar to simple age-related weight gain, there are steps that you can take to prevent weight gain or, if you have already gained weight, it is not impossible to lose. In private and with one-to-one consultations, we will design a menopause weight loss plan specific to your requirements.

We know that extra weight can be a threat to our health, but not only that, carrying up to a stone can impact on our wellbeing and how we feel about ourselves. When our clothes don’t fit us like they used to, it can be very easy to become disheartened. But please don’t. We can provide advice and guidance on what you can do to help counteract this unpleasant symptom of menopause.

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The Motivation Programme was developed by one of the world’s foremost weight management experts Dr. Maurice Larocque.

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*Clinical study published in The Journal of Bariatric Medicine.