How to Lose Weight Fast & Permanently

There are no magic tricks when it comes to weight loss. Every person is different, and as such, lots of factors come into play. At Motivation, we know that while quick fixes work for a while, they tend to be unsustainable you inevitably run out of steam and revert to old habits. Instead we want to empower you to take control of your unique weight loss journey, instilling you with confidence and self-belief that this is an ongoing, permanent solution. With that in mind, here are some key thoughts to take into consideration as you begin working towards your goal

Set a Goal

First up, set a realistic goal. How much weight do you need to lose to fall within a healthy BMI? Take a note of your height, weight, waist circumference and (of course) current eating habits. Tracking the changes – no matter how small – that you make along your journey will build confidence and remind you how far you’ve come!

Gentle Exercise

There’s no doubt about it, the idea of joining a gym can be intimidating, not to mention unappealing! Forcing yourself into a gruelling fitness routine is never a good idea. You’re far more likely to stick to an activity or hobby that you actually enjoy. Why not start walking regularly with a friend? You’ll get to catch up with each other, spur each other on, and your body will feel the benefits of even a half hour’s brisk walk. Alternative options are dance class, yoga or cycling. Exercise can – and should – be fun!

Drink Water

This next one may seem obvious, but it’s important to drink lots of water throughout the day. Not only will it keep you hydrated and full of energy, it can also help you lose weight. Water acts as an appetite suppressant, it keeps your muscles fed with nutrients and oxygen, and cleanses the body of waste. Try to drink 8-10 glasses a day to feel your best.

Choose Your Foods Wisely

There’s so much conflicting information floating around about diet and nutrition, it can be hard to know what’s right for you. A basic rule to live by is to consume as much fresh, nutrient-rich vegetables as you can, and avoid overly processed foods. Our tasty diet plans are low-GI and low-fat, but packed full of protein, meaning you stay full for longer while healthily moving towards your goal weight.

Don’t Skip Meals

Which leads us onto our next point; don’t skip meals! It can be a tempting ‘quick fix’ approach, but you may actually do more harm than good. By withholding breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll confuse your body, kicking it into what’s known as starvation mode. Your metabolism will slow down, meaning you’ll end up losing weight more slowly. It makes far more sense to eat balanced, healthy meals every day; you’ll be full of energy and won’t hit the dreaded afternoon slump!

Get to the Root of the Problem

A healthy new routine is great, and we tend to start these with plenty of willpower and determination! However, for lots of people, their issue with food is far more deep-rooted, something that most diets don’t address. If you can explore the emotional reasons you turn to food, you can start to make real, long-lasting change in your daily habits and routine. That’s where Motivation comes in…

How Motivation Works

As soon as you get in touch with our team, we’ll assign you your very own weight-loss consultant. You’ll meet every week in one of our 22 clinics nationwide for a relaxed one-to-one session, chatting through the various behaviours behind your weight issue. By exploring this emotional aspect of your relationship with food, you’ll free yourself from the negative habits that have built up over time.

You’ll also receive a delicious meal plan that will ensure you lose weight healthily. Our dishes are low-GI and fat, but contain lots of protein, meaning you won’t be left feeling hungry or lacking in energy.

Following this plan, and receiving ongoing nutritional guidance and recipe ideas, you can expect to lose 10 – 21lbs a month*. What’s more, like our many delighted success stories, you’re 13 times more likely to succeed in keeping it off permanently.

*Clinical study published in The Journal of Bariatric Medicine.

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