Online Consultations & Motivation Mindset

We continue to support our clients with online consultations by video link and phone. Our Motivation Mindset series is attached below for your reference.

Keeping You Up To Date

  1. The Beacon clinic continues to provide consultations by online (Google Hangout / Facetime / Skype) and telephone to those clients that want to avail of the service. Please email for more details on how to schedule your consultation.
  2. The Motivation Mindset series has proven to be very popular and we will continue to add new content based on client feedback. The 10 videos produced to date are available below but please note they are also on the Motivation Mobile App and the Facebook Support Group page.

Motivation Mindset

The series continues to gow and we’ve now 7 videos and counting, and we will publish a new video every two days. If you’d like to suggest a topic to be covered please email All suggestions are gratefully accepted.

Introduction To Motivation Mindset

Advice and encouragement to help those of you on a weight loss journey.

What Makes The Most Successful Weight Losers

The attitude and habits of successful weight losers (and maintainers).

How To Dampen Fears And Anxities

How to dampen fears and anxieties that you may be experiencing.

5 Reasons Not To Give Up

Five good reasons why you should NOT throw in the towel and quit your weight loss efforts.

Difference Between Physical & Emotional Hunger

Physical v Emotional Hunger, a follow-on video to How To Dampen Fears And Anxieties.

Techniques To Deal With Physical/Emotional Hunger

Stress, lack of sleep and boredom are just some of the stress triggers we ahve to try and cope with.

Practical Advice On How To Improve Your Immune System

So, if our first line of defense should be a healthy lifestyle, where do we begin?

A Simple life Hack: The Health Benefits Of Lemon Water 

Water, essential to life and also to healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Don’t Weigh Yourself At Home

Weighing themselves at home – No 1 reason people quit.

Why Does Sugar Have Such A Hold Over Us? 

Find out what you can do to reduce sugar in your diet.