Dieting Only Treats 50% Of The Problem

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You may have tried every diet, group programmes and every ounce of your willpower, yet nothing has worked for you to help you lose weight and maintain that weight loss.

You find you are great for a while but then you lose motivation and quit usually after a slip.

You think to yourself, it’s Friday, I’ve had a really hard week and I deserve a treat. Saturday comes when you think what the heck I’ve ruined my diet now anyway, I’ll just get back on track on Monday.

But Monday Never Comes

Then as we know Monday never comes. After lunch on Monday you come to the view (and this is so common) that you’ve put all the weight back on and you’re back to square one again. What follows is that awful automatic emotional feeling of guilt, and negative self-talk that tells you “you’re no good”, “you can’t stick to anything”.

Dieting In Itself Is Not The Answer

So, why is it that you know what to do and how to eat well but you still seem to be stuck on that rollercoaster of up-and-down weight loss/weight gain.

The answer – because dieting only treats fifty percent of the problem. The truth is, if dieting by itself worked no one would be overweight. In order to reach and maintain your weight long-term there needs to be two treatments.

What Are The Two Treatments?

First, you need to follow a healthy eating plan tailored to your needs.

Secondly, you need to understand and address WHY you overeat in the first place. You need to look at the emotional triggers at the root cause of your eating. You may eat in response to stress, anxiety or when you’re bored.

You may use food as a reward or for comfort. In order to lose and maintain your weight long term you need to look at and change your relationship with food and understand why you act and think the way you do.

It’s not just what you eat it’s WHY.

We are creatures of habit. Did you know that approximately 90 percent of all our behaviours, thoughts and emotions are automatic!

This underlies the importance of understanding yourself before permanent success in any area of life can be achieved.

You have to make sense of WHY you act in a certain way about certain things in particular circumstances. Then you can affect change that will be permanent and lifelong.

How Motivation Works

As soon as you get in touch with our team, we’ll assign you your very own weight-loss consultant. You’ll meet every week in one of our weight loss clinics nationwide for a relaxed one-to-one session, chatting through the various behaviours behind your weight issue. By exploring this emotional aspect of your relationship with food, you’ll free yourself from the negative habits that have built up over time.

You’ll also receive a delicious meal plan that will ensure you lose weight healthily. Our dishes are low-GI and low fat, but contain lots of protein, meaning you won’t be left feeling hungry or lacking in energy.

Following this plan, and receiving ongoing nutritional guidance and recipe ideas, you can expect to lose 10 – 21lbs a month*. What’s more, like our many delighted success stories, you’re 13 times more likely to succeed in keeping it off permanently.

Remember, dieting only treats fifty percent of the problem and if dieting by itself worked no one would be overweight.

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*Clinical study published in The Journal of Bariatric Medicine.


Mini Mental Weight Assessment

Do you find it hard to stick to a diet long-term?
Knowing what to eat isn’t enough. You need to understand WHY your overeat.

The Mini Mental Weight Assessment will help you to reveal some of the habits, behaviours and thought patterns that sabotage your efforts.

Let’s get to the root of it, so you can conquer your weight forever!

How Motivation Works

Your Personal Weight
Management Consultant

Your own personal weight management consultant will support and motivate you every step of your journey.

Nutrition Plans

You can enjoy delicious meal plans that will keep you full. You will never feel hungry or deprived.

Health & Nutrition
Guidance Along The Way

We will help you to change your way of thinking resulting in a complete change in your relationship with food.

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