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Which is better Fast or Slow weight loss

If I can ask you one question:

What would you prefer: 

to lose weight quickly or to lose weight slowly?

Think about it!

The latest clinical research shows that losing weight quickly results in better outcome for both continued compliance with the diet and long-term weight maintenance.

Clinical research presented at the International Congress On Obesity showed that there are four factors that predict successful weight loss:

  1. The speed at which you lose weight – fast weight loss is better than slow weight loss.
  2. The type of diet you go on – protein diets proving better than conventional diets.
  3. Rapid change of habits – rather than slow change of habits.
  4. Regular follow up with a professional weight loss consultant – rather than a DIY plan.

Fast weight loss is proven to be important for success as feeling and seeing results reinforces motivation. 

There is something hardwired in our DNA when we see REWARDS and in this case it’s a shrinking waistline, we respond positively and this is critical to losing weight

A word of caution. 

There are some who suggest that losing weight slowly is the best approach. This belief that there is more likelihood of being able to maintain lost weight has been proven totally wrong as one is likely to lose interest through lack of reward or no real sense of achievement. 

Think about it, if you have only lost a half a pound or a pound of fat after a weeks dieting and exercise you are going to feel somewhat despondent.

I’ve been practising as a weight loss consultant for 25 years and in my experience with thousands of clients, fast weight loss is the most efficient and effective approach for continued compliance with your plan and more importantly weight maintenance. 

The energy, the enthusiasm, the excitement and joy are all palpable when clients are losing weight fast. It is important to know that fast weight loss is very safe once you are consuming enough protein to protect your muscle tissue.

The bottom line is fast weight loss gives better results!

Not only that, you’ll be well on the way to getting your BMI into a healthy range.

Bye for now, see you on the next video.

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