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The behavioural programme used by Motivation was created by Dr Maurice Larocque, whose unique approach has been hailed by the medical profession worldwide as a major breakthrough in the treatment of weight and obesity.

It works because it helps you understand both the physical and emotional reasons for your overeating, and gives you the tools you need to tackle both. So say goodbye to counting calories and denying yourself the things you love, and say hello to a whole new voyage of discovery – all about you.

You’ll find out WHY you turn to food at certain times, and WHY you reward yourself with comfort eating when you’re bored, stressed, tired, anxious or upset.

As Dr Larocque puts it, “Trying to lose weight by dieting is like taking an aspirin for a toothache – you will get only short-term results as its just treating the symptoms.”

We’re committed to helping you in the long term. We’ll give you techniques to conquer your cravings, get off the rollercoaster of sugar highs and lows, and deal with your personal saboteurs that threaten to pull you back into old ways. We’ll help you set goals and achieve them. We’re with you, supporting you, all the way.

This exciting programme has been tried and tested by Irish people for the past 21 years. In that time, we’ve grown from a single clinic to 16 locations nationwide, as more of you continue to spread the word of your healthy, safe and permanent weight loss successes.

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*Clinical study published in The Journal of Bariatric Medicine.