10 Top Weight Loss Tips For Overweight Children

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10 Top Weight Loss Tips for Overweight Children Motivation Pillar Assist

An overweight or obese child is likely to suffer from problems with joint pain, breathing difficulties, and psychological and social issues, such as bullying or not wanting to join sports. The long-term effects are frightening and include cancer, heart disease, type II diabetes and severe mental health problems (such as self-harm and suicidal intent).

One study published in a scientific journal showed that larger portion sizes are directly linked to overweight children. Feeding kids larger meal sizes at 21 months was associated with their gaining weight between the ages of two and five.

In fact, for every additional ten calories children consumed at meals, their odds of being overweight grew by six per cent. A new report by the Infant backs this up and Toddler Forum (ITF) that found one in ten parents give preschool children meals the size of adult portions, and a third don’t see anything wrong with young children eating a whole bag of crisps, even though this is twice the recommended amount.

This guide shares:

  • The reasons why children are overweight
  • What can parents do
  • 10 Top weight loss tips for Overweight Children
  • What does a healthy diet look like for a Child