Does Meditation Help You to Lose Weight?

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Will Meditation help you to lose weight

Many studies have demonstrated that mindfulness meditation is effective for losing weight and changing eating habits. Over 20 randomised controlled studies have concluded that regular mindfulness meditation improves mood and reduces stress and anxiety in general.

Meditation encourages you to accept your feelings and thoughts and let them pass, without judgement, so they are less likely to affect you negatively. It allows you to steer your thoughts and feelings towards a more constructive pattern, one that will encourage more optimistic
thought patterns.

In a nutshell, spending even 10-20 minutes meditating each day will bring about multiple benefits for you. You can do it anywhere, and it’s free. However, to experience the benefits, Meditation must be practised consistently (that means daily!).

Some people may think it’s too much of a commitment but you can find just 10 minutes every day, no matter how busy you are. That is the reason we have launched this ebook for you.

This guide:

  1. Covers the scientific basis of the benefits of Meditation and shares why we must consider regular meditation programmes in our life.
  2. Examines the myths around Meditation.
  3. Discusses the general ‘Excuses for Not Meditating’.
  4. Helps us with some tips on how to stick to the meditation programme.