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Be Slim From Within
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity has reached pandemic proportions and is now considered an epidemic over several continents. We often point the fingers at heredity and genetics to explain obesity and being overweight. But, to date, researchers have identified more than 400 genes that could play a role in body fat distribution and the person’s behaviour regarding calorie consumption.

This explains that up to 75% of the obesity problem is caused by what we eat and burn, which are modifiable factors.

Therefore, understanding why we overeat and the Psychological causes are the first essential steps for successful weight loss. Download the free audiobooks of the first three chapters of Be Slim From Within to:

  • Find out why diets and other conventional programmes don’t work
  • Discover why you lose weight and put it back
  • Learn the four steps: A, B, C and D of human behaviour
  • Know why you are motivated at the start and then you fall off when you have a slip
  • Uncover the secret of how to lose weight for the last time and keep it off for life, and
  • Get all the answers to your weight loss and weight management concerns

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