Importance Of Play To Wellbeing And Weight Loss

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Importance of Play to Wellbeing

With our busy, modern lives, and family commitments, we ignore the importance of play and fun. But several studies have shown that play can boost our well-being, reduce depression, improve medical outcomes, reduce stress, and heighten our sense of flow of spontaneity.

In fact, playing can boost energy and vitality and even improve resistance to disease, which makes it invaluable as we get older.

Many tech companies have recognized the links between productivity and fun, For instance, by joking around with colleagues on a coffee break, installing a basketball outside to shoot hoops during spare moments, or having a sketch pad or journal to doodle in during lunch. All these activities have shown to boost productivity and teamwork.

All these bring us to the critical question – where has all our playtime gone and what do we do? Download this ebook to learn

  • What is stopping us from playing?
  • What is ‘Play Therapy’?
  • What are the warning signs that we are not playing enough? and
  • How can we tap into our inner child?