How Does Menopause Affect Womens Weight And How To Combat It?

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How Does Menopause Affect Womens Weight And How To Combat It_

The average age of Menopause is 51 years old, but it may occur as early as the 30s or as late as the 60s. A number of factors affect a woman’s age at Menopause. Whatever the cause is, Menopause is not easy to handle.

It comes with mood swings, night sweats, generalised anxiety, hot flashes along with the frustrating
weight gain issue (or very slow weight loss, for someone attempting to lose weight). In fact, experts have suggested that a woman with reduced oestrogen levels at menopause could typically expect to gain 12 to 15 pounds (5.4kg-6.8kg).

We know that extra weight can be a threat to our health, but not only that, carrying up to a stone can impact on our wellbeing and how we feel about ourselves. When our clothes don’t fit us
like they used to, it can be very easy to become disheartened.

That why we created this guide to help you counteract the unpleasant symptoms of menopause and lead a better life. Download your copy for Free now.