Why Coaching Is The Key To Successful Weight Loss and Management?

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Coaching the key to successful weight management

Research advises that having a weight loss coach is an essential predictor of an individual’s success in losing and keeping off weight. Coaching motivates people and enables them to achieve satisfaction, results, and a better sense of wellbeing.

We see evidence of it daily in our Motivation weight management clinics. Individuals who embark on a typical ‘yo-yo diet’ often fail to achieve weight loss. Some others lose weight initially but tend to regain the weight back.

We help our clients lose weight quickly and keep it off for life. Our dedicated weight loss coaches/consultants conduct weekly face-to-face sessions to assist the clients in:

  • Changing the habits and attitudes that they may have had for their lifetime.
  • Revising the aspects of their choices.
  • Transforming the way they think around food that hinders their weight loss.

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