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Why Doctors Refer Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Why do doctors refer patients with type 2 diabetes to Motivation Weight Management?

Twenty-five years ago, it started with one GP referral. This GPs client made both substantial and positive changes to their lifestyle, lost a lot of weight and reversed their type 2 in the process. Today, that GP is still referring clients. And we’ve more GPs referring than before, partly because of word-of-mouth amongst GPs and clients, and also because of the alarming rise in the number of Irish men, woman and teenagers presenting with type 2 diabetes symptoms.

The Irish Times article I am quoting from is more than 4 years old but its facts are still relevant and noteworthy:

  • 1,000 new people are diagnosed every month in Ireland with type 2 diabetes.
  • 1 in 15 people in Ireland are living with diabetes. 10 per cent of this population has type 1, an auto-immune, non-preventable condition.
  • The remainder has type 2 diabetes of which 85 per cent could be put into remission if they didn’t carry excess weight.
  • It is unknown how many have pre-diabetes.

The last point is shocking and most worrying – we do not know how many type 2 ticking bombs are walking around. This following is a story, told many times in the clinic by our marketing manager, Michael O’Brien.

Michael was visiting doctor’s clinics as part of an outreach programme. In one of the clinics, he enquired of the receptionist why they still used a Rolodex as he spotted one jammed full and another, brand new beside it, with only a few entries. That she replied, are our type 2 client contact details and as old fashioned as it is, we didn’t feel a need to change it. Type 2 she remarked, ‘is an epidemic’ and the clinic is swamped with it. In her 30 years’ experience, type 2 had grown to be the most common disease in the clinic.

It’s no surprise that doctors refer patients with type 2 diabetes to all our clinics. It’s our number one referral from the GP network: way ahead of fertility and general overweight issues.

I’ve written extensively on the Motivation website about many aspects of type 2. Please check two of them out:

We opened our first clinic over 26 years ago and since then have helped thousands of clients to successfully manage their type 2 diabetes.

Weight loss success is wrapped in many victories: health changes, behavioural changes, lifestyle changes, relationship changes, fitness changes, and the list goes on. Reversing type 2 is a victory that has a marked impact, not only on your own mental and physical wellbeing but on everyone in your immediate circle.

For a minute – imagine a life without type 2 and how better off you would be.

Please get in contact – we’re here to help you.

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