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knowing the wrong answer

Were you ever rewarded for knowing the wrong answer?

From our earliest days we are rewarded for knowing the right answer.

In primary school we get little silver and gold stars.

In secondary school we get awards, certificates and trophies for knowing more right answers than our peers. Ditto at University.

So it’s little wonder that when we get in to the world of work, we are hard-wired to find the singular right answer more quickly than our peers.

Homogeneity and sameness are the high prices we pay for this mindset.

The very best leaders and innovators have a natural mistrust of easy and quick right answers and demand a slower and more determined pursuit of better ones.

Welcome to the world of Motivation – we are the polar opposite of the short-term, quick-fix weight loss solutions.

In our world, we provide the tools and coaching for our clients to build their own framework, within which they chart a new and exciting course for their life. A new course that, over time, will change how they think and feel about food and themselves. As a result, they reach their desired target weight and also lead happier, more fulfilled lives.

More often than not, the answers on this journey are not as sharp as black and white. They may lie somewhere in between, so it’s important to remember that knowing the wrong answer is just as important as knowing the right one.

Armed with that knowledge, you are best equipped to deal with issues as they present themselves.

Guilt is a big issue.

We don’t do guilt here at Motivation.

Let me explain. Once you cross the threshold into the clinic, we do not and never do chastise a client for a slip or for not following the plan. Slips are an ever-present feature of human nature and we acknowledge and understand that.

We too are human. We too slip up.

What is important is how we identity the trigger(s) for that slip. We then work on putting in place the tools to equip you to deal with those triggers before they manifest themselves as a problem. Knowing the wrong answers is just as important as knowing the correct ones.

That is the key to successful long-term weight management.


Over the past month or so I’ve started to publish a series on key foods – those foods that you should ‘bake into’ your daily / weekly eating routine.

So far, I’ve covered cauliflower and broccoli.

This week I’m covering off parsley and with a little bit of effort, you can make this powerful herb an indispensable friend. It’s so easy to include with most meals, is relatively inexpensive to buy and if your put you mind to it, is a rewarding herb to grow at home.


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