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Covid-19 and increased risk levels

In the shadows and not really part of the general narrative, is the relationship between obesity, Covid-19 and increased risk levels for those with a BMI in the ‘danger’ zone – between 30-40+.

The National Health Library and Knowledge Service compiled this resource in response to the top 5 questions they were fielding from the Irish public.

From the authors, “The resources are listed in our estimated order of relevance to practicing healthcare professionals confronted with this scenario in an Irish context.”

1. What is the risk of a person with obesity contracting COVID-19 compared to someone without obesity?

2. What is the risk of a person with obesity developing severe illness from COVID-19?

3. How is severe illness defined for people with COVID-19 who are obese?

4. Do people with obesity have a higher mortality from COVID-19?

5. How does obesity affect children with COVID-19? Rehabilitation post-COVID-19 for obese patients?

If you’ve never measured your BMI, why not try our BMI calulator. Covid-19 and increased risk levels exists for those whose BMI is in the obese category.

This is a detailed resource that addresses 5 critical questions in relation to Covid-19 and obesity.

As more data is being compiled, especially in relation to long covid (a term to describe the effects of Covid-19 that continue for weeks or months beyond the initial illness), it’s more important than ever to assess one’s vulnerability.

This is a link to what is a comprehensive report and it is available in PDF format. 


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