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For this month’s podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Caroline, a client of our Swords Clinic and a wonderful example of how a positive mental attitude can benefit us, regardless of how difficult our situation is.

Caroline had breast cancer in 2018 and went through a challenging time. She began gaining weight as a result of two operations, rigorous chemotherapy and radiation, and the treatment with medication.

Do you think this prevented Caroline from having a proactive and optimistic attitude? Absolutely not!

Caroline is a fighter and her journey will inspire you to beat whatever obstacles you may experience.

Speaking with Caroline made me realize that when we’re going through a difficult moment, negative thoughts are all we can see and we often neglect our own wellbeing, while in fact, being active and optimistic may help us clear our brains and keep going.

I hope you enjoy my chat with Caroline! Her story has truly inspired me, and I am sure she will inspire you too.






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