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Ways to get out of unhealthy rut

The sun is shining brightly outside, and the approach of summer brings with it a wave of optimistic feelings following the difficult times we’ve all experienced over the last two years.

Many people are showing interest in remotivating themselves to lose weight and transform their lives. However, some people are still concerned that they are trapped in an unhealthy rut and find it difficult to recover from the lockdown and the long winter. As a result, they keep putting aside their weight loss journey.

So we wanted to cover 5 ways to help you get out of your rut and stay motivated and focused.

5 Ways To Get Out Of An Unhealthy Rut

1. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts

It’s essential to keep an eye on your internal dialogue. Imagine a devil on one side of your shoulder as the negative and an angel on the other.

Then imagine yourself flicking the devil’s negative thoughts away. Only pay attention to the angel’s words, which say: “You’re worth it! You can do it!”

2. Start with baby steps

It’s important to start small and work your way up. It’s pointless to tell yourself things like “I’m going to the gym every day” or “I’m exercising five days this week.” when this is not realistic.

Start with one day and work your way up because once you get started, you’ll want to do more because you’ll enjoy it and start feeling good about yourself.

3. Get excited

It’s a good idea to make yourself thrilled about a goal if you want to get out of a hole. One approach to get started is to visualise yourself in future after reaching your goal – not just how you’ll look but also how you’ll feel.

You’ll have more energy and be more self-assured. You’ll look terrific, healthier, younger and lighter.

4. Be inspired by others

We advise our clients to seek inspiring stories. There are some truly remarkable people in the world. Ciaron Noble, for example, is a fantastic young man who walked 5k a day with cerebral palsy and without crutches.

He is an inspiration for many of us here. There are lots of people you may look up to.

We would also suggest that you listen to our podcasts. There are some inspirational client stories on the podcasts.

5. Think about the benefits

The main problem for many of us is that we focus too much on how difficult something is. We look at the challenges instead of the benefits.

Planning your meals and exercising, for example, may appear difficult at first, but consider the benefits. Instead of focusing on how much you don’t feel like exercising, think about how good you’ll feel after doing it and the rewards you’ll get.

So there you have it. Our 5 top tips for getting motivated and breaking out of a rut. At least one of them will benefit you, and before long, you’ll be adopting the top five into your mind and get inspired.

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