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The Power of Good Habits

Did you know that around 43% of what we do every day is down to habit?

Think of that for a moment – almost half of our actions and decisions are automatic. That’s great if we are happy with our habits; if we eat healthily, exercise sufficiently, avoid sugar, don’t smoke and drink little or no alcohol.

But many of us engage in habits we know are detrimental to our health and we want to change them.

So how do we go about it?

Charles Duhigg believes that it’s almost impossible to erase a habit, once the neural pathways have been formed, but what is possible is to replace it. So, rather than thinking in terms of breaking a bad habit, we can try to change our habits by finding a new routine that corresponds to the old cue, one that will deliver whatever reward we get from it.

Stop smoking, lose weight, get fitter. What habit or habits would you like to replace?

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