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Do you know what happens if you change how you think?

Do you know what happens if you change how you think?

If you change how you think then what you think changes.

Once upon a time, it was deemed impossible that anyone could run a mile in under 4 minutes. Once Roger Bannister thought it possible and achieved that ‘impossible’ goal, the mainstream thinking changed from ‘it can’t be done’ to ‘yes it can,’ and over 1,000 athletes have since recorded sub-4minute miles.

Likewise, with the sub-2 hour marathon. What’s really interesting about the man who broke that barrier, Eliud Kipchoge, is that he’d never really won much – in elite athlete terms anyway and he wasn’t even selected for his country for the London Olympics in 2012.

He pivoted and turned his focus from track to road running. He became the dominant marathon runner in the world and with the help of a support team, he broke the 2 hour barrier in Vienna in 2019. The video below is well worth a look.

What’s interesting here is that the thinking changed from ‘can’t’ to ‘can’ and there is a fundamental lesson here for all of us in our everyday existence.

You don’t have to be a Roger Bannister or a Eliud Kipchoge. You just have to reassess your approach to how you think.

If you think (the how) with a positive outlook, perhaps using some of all of the following, it will have a positive impact on what you think and subsequently how you perform, be it with your weight management or whatever the task is at hand:

  • ‘I am worthy of success’
  • ‘I CAN succeed and I deserve to succeed’
  • ‘I AM good enough’
  • ‘I am already a SUCCESS, right now, today’
  • ‘I love myself, for who I am today’

Following on from my video on stress last week, I’m following on with a video on indoor exercise and how it can help to relieve lockdown stress. This isn’t about 4 minute miles or 2 hour marathons.

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