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Do You Want Real Tea Or Herbal Tea?

I was out for lunch last weekend, and this happened. It was a great lunch; delicious food and delightful service and as it came towards the end of the meal we asked for tea. The waiter went through the range of teas on offer, and we pondered for a minute, one of our group of three asked for a decaff coffee and then the waiter added, “do you want real tea of herbal tea with that.” A real tea and peppermint we replied.

He delivered the decaff coffee, a peppermint tea and a cup of tea with a submerged teabag. I had a quiet chuckle to myself because when I was growing up, real tea was made from tea leaves.

I didn’t say anything to the waiter as he was as polite and as courteous as they come but I did mention it to my husband Paul in passing and he remarked, “you could say the same about weight loss, most of what’s on offer falls into the tea bag category, real weight loss on the other hand, like tea leaves and Motivation, is not as common.”

And Paul is so right. So much of what is packaged today as weight loss is a quick fix, a super easy solution to an ever-deepening issue. Dare I call it tea bag weight loss.

With tea leaves, you first heat the teapot or scald it, then add the tea leaves and let it sit for several minutes. It takes time but the end result is full of flavour. Of course, one of the great lines back in time was ‘do you prefer it weak or strong?’

I hope you see my point. Real weight loss requires your time. Also, to understand that patience will bring that great reward of satisfaction and fulfillment that long lasting weight loss brings.

Now, who’s for a cup of real tea? 

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