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For Want Of A Nail The Shoe Was Lost

Your journey is your journey.

My colleagues and I, along with the tools at your disposal, will help you find and deal with the psychological blocks that are at the root cause of your problem(s). Deal with the root cause and you deal with the problem(s). This is the key to long lasting weight management.

That’s one of the reasons I write blog posts and record videos warning about quick fix diet programmes. One of the most important pieces of research Dr Larocque (the founder of the Motivation approach to weight loss) ever did was on the efficacy of different weight loss programmes. His research showed, without doubt, that close on 95% of participants in quick fix programmes regained their weight within one year.

For want of a nail…….

From the outset of your Motivation programme, you start to change your habits and attitudes. Also, we address those behaviours that have proved to be challenging and problematic for you in and around food.

Every week I am privileged to witness and share in those positive changes. Whilst I recognise and celebrate the weight loss, I pay particular attention to the underlying habits, behaviours and attitudes as they change from red to blue in the Mental Weight reports. That’s where you accomplish your greatest work with Motivation.

As a person, you emerge mentally stronger. Better prepared to confidently live life on your terms.

As a person, you also emerge lighter. The result of changing your habits, behaviours and attitudes.

So, steady as it goes. Remain focussed. Use the tools at your disposal. Any issues, any at all – reach out to your consultant straight away. You are on a remarkable journey and you should be so proud of yourself.

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