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How to Guarantee Failure

How to Guarantee Failure

It’s pretty easy really and it’s encapsulated in this quote:

“….a positive attitude is not a guarantee of success. It is accepted though that a
negative attitude comes close to a guarantee of failure.”

The fact is, there is no way to avoid that moment when the world seems to be falling in on you, when negativity seems to be the order of the day. What you can do is to use tools and techniques to counteract and overcome that negativity. 

Negativity can come from within or from external sources.

Positive affirmations are proven to bolster confidence and strengthen resolve. That’s key here. If we let negativity take control, then no matter what our task at hand, it’s chances of success are dramatically reduced.

Also, don’t forget your ABCD’s. Another powerful tool to help you overcome challenging emotions / events. Read about them here. All of my colleagues are well versed in using the ABCD framework and it’s one of our core tools.

Another powerful tool is the Programming Sequence that I advise every client to listen to on a daily basis. We have to take time to heal ourselves and this is as important for our mental health as well as our physical.

If any of you reading this were to suffer a physical injury that required rest, then of course you’d do that. However, if we feel a cloud of negativity following us around, for many, we shrug and get on, not setting the time aside to confront that negativity and draw on tools that will enable us to climb out and into a better space.

To finish, rather than How to Guarantee Failure,  How To Increase Your Chances of Success is a better line to sign off with. There are no certainties in life but you can use tools (such as those above) with which you build a platform upon which you can achieve great things.

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