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This Made Me Laugh

This made me laugh.

I don’t recall ever telling a joke here but this one is a good one and my telling it has a purpose.

More on that below.

At a family dinner, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews are gathered to celebrate a special birthday. From one end of the table, one of the very young nieces is ignoring her food and is looking intently to the far end, at her uncle who she doesn’t see that often. He works overseas.

The uncle notices her unwavering stare, smiles, waves and politely asks her why she’s not eating her dinner.

To which she replies and for everyone to hear, “I’m waiting to see you drink like a fish.”

Awkward silence.


Even though it’s a joke, it’s a reminder how direct children can be.

No nuances. No edges.

Straight down the middle.

They tell as they hear it.

At Motivation, so do we. But we do it in private at our one-to-one consultations.

We also do it without guilt or reprimand. That is not our role.

Our role is to provide the framework and tools to help you change your habits and behaviours in and around food.

Food is also a catchall for anything that you orally consume and that includes alcohol.

Fast and efficient weight loss is best achieved without consuming any alcohol. We’re not advocating that you give up alcohol forever; far from it, we are recommending, for the duration of your weight loss programme, that you just park it.

There is no doubting the massive challenges that the successive lockdowns have brought about and none more so than in our drinking habits. Lots of people enjoyed a casual drink at a weekend in their local pub or restaurant. Those options are gone and for many, drinking at home is now the norm.

This presents challenges on so many fronts.

I’ve written quite a bit on alcohol and how it negatively impacts weight loss and below you’ll find links to some of that writing. I’ve also attached a direct link to one of our Assist Sheets.

Let’s Talk About Booze- Click here to download.

5 Ways Alcohol Is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts – Click here to read.

Alcohol and Weight Loss – Click here to download.

My parting message to you today is to make a conscious effort to park alcohol for the duration of your programme. If you’re starting a maintenance plan, try and alternate.

For every unit of alcohol follow with three or four of water. Cheer up the water so it has some flavour. Easily done – click here for some tips.

By the way, this is a habit that is so easy to fall into and one you won’t regret.

As always, I hope that you found something useful in Motivate Me and this week’s edition, ‘This Made Me Laugh’.


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