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Trying To Juggle Jelly

I was meeting with a client last week and he was trying to explain his frustration in managing his daily routine. He was flustered, somewhat angry (with himself) and not at all sure how he was going to cope (and continue to lose weight).

He blurted out, “it’s like trying to juggle jelly”, and there was a pregnant pause and I just said, “that’s something I’ve never tried but can only imagine how challenging it is”. And I then asked, “does the colour of the jelly make a difference”.

Cue another pregnant pause. In the greater scheme of things my question was as equally non sensical as his statement: his impossible, mine irrelevant. Of course, down at street level where we live, his statement carries a lot of weight and is a state of mind that affects a lot of people.

I then asked him to view his issue within the framework of the ABCDs. The next ten minutes proved to be the most important time we’ve spent together. Why? My client realised that he had to use the Motivation tools (the ABCD framework and the audio files on Healthy Mind Healthy Body) so as to be best prepared to deal with the predictable challenges; challenges that can be nipped in the bud and where the necessary responses are coded into his subconscious.

When you are losing weight rapidly (as this client is), there can be a natural inclination to be euphoric, where you believe in your own abilities and not those of the support tools we provide. The key to long-lasting weight loss and successful weight maintenance is to embrace and use the tools – the ABCD framework is one such example. My client had a wobble (excuse the pun) but is now back on track and primed to use the ABCDs to help to formulate more rational, helpful and compassionate thoughts. He’s no longer trying to juggle jelly; instead, he is building his competence at using the ABCD framework.

Ask any Motivation client that is maintaining and they will point to the support tools – they are key to changing those habits and behaviours that are at the root of successful weight loss.

As we always say, it’s not what you eat, it’s WHY!

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