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Visualising Effective Weight Loss

Visualising effective weight loss is the key theme of this week’s Motivate Me.

I was parked outside a charity shop earlier this week. Waiting for one of my girls, I was just looking at the contents of the window and there in front of me was a neatly arranged Russian doll set or Maytroshka dolls, to give it its formal name.

30 minutes previously, I’d just come off the back of a challenging session with a new client who was really struggling. She was struggling with the fact that she had underlying reasons that caused her overweight. It was more than just overeating. She was in denial.

Coupled with this was her fear of failure. She confided in me that she’d been dieting on and off for 20 years and felt that Motivation was her ‘last chance saloon.’

Using her Mental Weight report, we honed in on one issue that we would resolve in that session. There were several underlying factors but we both agreed on one. I assured her that by peeling back the layers and focussing on one attitude / behaviour, we would see a marked improvement in a short space of time. Her acceptance of this approach was a milestone.

We agreed on a plan of action – one issue at a time. No longer in denial, that monkey was off her back.

I often find fear of failure a common issue that binds many clients together. As I’ve been saying for years, this fear of failure is understandable but it is misplaced. All those previous diet programmes failed you, you didn’t fail them. I spent quite a bit of time on this point because you can’t just dismiss 20 years of effort and hard work. It was critical to demonstrate that by not addressing the habits, behaviours and attitudes, those diet programmes were only ever going to provide short term respite.

So, unpacking the Russian dolls is how I visualised both of the issues above.

To get to the next doll, first you have to deal with the habit, behaviour and attitude, that is causing the most trouble.

Likewise, with fear of failure, once you learn to accept that the previous dieting failures were not your fault, you are now empowered to lift that doll and progress to the next stage of your weight loss journey.

Weight loss and weight maintenance are not linear – it is different for every single client. But the approach is the same: you can’t get to the last doll without unpacking all the others.

That last doll; for sure, it’s lighter and smaller, so it resembles true weight loss but you’ve changed so much to get there. You’ve lifted the lid on all those bad habits, behaviours and attitudes. The net result is a lighter and happier person.

My task for you this weekend – take a few minutes on your own in a quiet place, close your eyes and visualise the Maytroshka dolls.

How are you progressing on your journey?

How are you working on those reds from your Mental Weight report? (If this is your first visit to our website, please check out our FREE mini mental weight online assessment).

Celebrate the transition to blues – these changes are profound and transformative. You’ve every right to feel proud of your progress.

Stand up (see here for more on the benefits of standing), breath in, hold it and exhale and repeat for a minute. Feel the positive energy.

Be positive. Be strong.

Visualising effective weight loss will promt many questions but it is your approach to understanding those habits, behaviours and attitudes that is key to long lasting weight loss.


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