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I want to share this short video with you – Dealing With Lockdown Stress And How To Manage It.

More and more people are openly talking about stress and how it’s negatively impacting on their lives. These increased levels of stress, and I’m in no doubt about this, are being caused by the lockdowns.

Did you know that stress causes hunger and it can cause a very strong need, even psychologically, to overeat?

Stress is a naturally occurring phenomenon and what’s critically important is to equip yourself with the tools to manage stress before it starts to become an issue.

We work with all our clients on a three-step approach to dealing with stress:

  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Action

Dealing with lockdown stress and how to manage it is an issue of our time but it is not unique and please remember that. When we are at the far side of this pandemic, which we will be soon, stress will still be ever present. The key is in the methods we employ to deal with it. Unfortunately, as is the case with many people, they have no coping mechanisms in place and as a result do suffer in a variety of ways, with overeating being one of them.

Please watch the short video below.

I am also listing some further reading on the subject of stress. Such is its negative impact, not only on your health but on relationships, it’s important that you learn as much as possible and be in a position of power (knowledge is power) to deal with and manage stress before it starts to become an issue.

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