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Reducing The Threat Of Covid-19 - Day 1

For people under the age of 60 obesity is a significant risk factor should they contract Covid-19.

Obesity, diabetes and excess body fat causes a dysregulated immune system placing the individual in a highly dangerous and compromised position should they contract Covid-19. The immune system tries to remember an infection so that the next time that you get it you deal with it in a calm way. With obesity the immune memory is reduced placing the individual in a compromised and vulnerable situation.

Obesity, in many instances, sits alongside another illness or illnesses and this is commonly referred to as comorbidity. A good definition of comorbidity is ‘the presence of one or more additional conditions often co-occurring with a primary condition.’  In this instance the primary condition is obesity and it is a gateway if you like, to other illnessnesses, key among them heart disease, type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea.

Significant numbers of individuals are taking note of the growing body of information and scientifically proven evidence on how to reduce the threat of Covid-19.

But why are so many overweight and obese individuals reluctant to take action?

What is the key reason or reasons for them to ignore this advice?

With over 25 years of experience and data points from over 250,000 clients, a key reason is procrastination.

The path to a lighter and healthier you begins with getting to grips with and understanding the procrastination.

Do this and you are on your way!

How many times have many of you said to yourself –“Here I am four stone overweight – if I had only done something when I was just a stone heavier”? 

Obesity over the years has often been described as a disorder, or a disease of procrastination. Why do we often procrastinate, and in particular, why do overweight individuals put things off and not fix their weight problem “sooner rather than later”? 

There is obviously no one easy answer, but there are 7 common thinking patterns. Join me over the next 7 days for ‘How To Reduce The Threat Of Covid-19’ as I peel back the layers of procrastination and provide you with handy tips to help you tackle your weight.

A contrast refrain over the seven days will be, ‘keep persisting.’

That is absolutely key.

Your first port of call starting today, Day 1, is to check your BMI.

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