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Healthy eating at work

Eating habits at work:

Since we spend much of our day in the workplace, we need to take the right steps to ensure we look after our health when we’re there. People get into habits, eating and drinking the same things every day. Maybe it’s time to reassess these habits and make improvements where necessary.


Not having breakfast is disastrous whether you’re going into the workplace or not. Not getting fuel in before you start the day will leave you starving by 10AM. Not only this but getting to break time and choosing a healthy snack is not likely if blood sugars are in your boots. Not only are you going to crave a high calorie sugary snack but even when this has been eaten you’re likely to want more.  When you eat breakfast you’re giving yourself greater energy, you will be more productive, more able to concentrate and your appetite will be under control. Aim for a protein and fibre rich breakfast to keep you satisfied and avoid hunger for four hours.


Water is the safest and most useful beverage to drink throughout the working day. You will remain focused, hydrated, and alert especially as a lot of workplaces are centrally heated or air conditioned.  Drinks are the biggest source of hidden calories. Often people wonder why they’re gaining weight and it is their drinking habits that are to blame. There is a scandalous amount of sugar in many drinks from coffee shops and vending machines (one café latte contains almost 15grams of sugar almost half the recommended daily allowance!). Aim for 2 to 3 litres of water per day to look and feel well.


Work meetings are where a lot of calorific eating is done. Often this is MINDLESS eating as pastries and coffee are in front of you and tempting to the eye.  Boredom and tiredness will make these offerings even more attractive so either get interested in the topic or think smart and eat 10 minutes before the meeting begins. That’s when a quick protein drink or bar comes in handy. Keep a little stash in your desk and set a timer for a quick bite so meetings don’t become a problem in keeping your waistline in check.


Who you eat with may be determining how healthy or unhealthy your lunch choices are.  Avoid fast food places and go somewhere that offers lean protein dishes and a varied salad bar. Try to order first so you’re not affected by other’s choices or advice. Socialise with fast food eaters at another time, whatever you do, don’t let anyone ruin your diet regime. You owe it to yourself to make good choices, an odd remark or disparaging look is easier to get over than looking and feeling awful all day every day.


Do you encounter problems at work that you would not normally encounter at home? Recognise your diet and weight loss saboteurs and do what you can to avoid the negative motivations. We hope these tips will help, but if this’s a big issue for you then an option might be to talk to a member of the Motivation team. Find your local clinic here or call us on 1850 30 6000



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