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Lasting Weight Loss

Lasting Weight Loss and the End of Dieting Part 1

I speak not from research but from experience, eleven years of mentoring people from all walks of life. Over one hundred clients weekly since 2004 has shown me what works and what doesn’t in the quest for lasting weight loss and the end of dieting.

January is a strange month, a time for reflection and planning.  A year gone by and another stretching before us, full of potential and possibilities.  Whether you’re focused on career, family, finances or relationships I can assure you that there is no area of your life that won’t be enhanced by improving your own health and well-being.

Stop torturing yourself thinking about it. The more you think, the more your mind will add in complications that simply don’t exist. Becoming healthy, slim and fit are all simple words which have unnecessarily evolved into a minefield of definitions for every individual.

Get yourself into tiptop physical and mental shape and everything else in life is easier. I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t found this to be the reality. For those who haven’t taken the step, the career may be flying, finances healthy and family well, BUT if self-care has taken a back seat then life is nowhere near as enjoyable as it could be, and can sabotage your goals. People don’t share their feelings on the subject in public, but I have encountered hundreds of people who in one to one conversations admit that being unfit and overweight affects their lives every day.

Countless confessions from high achieving individuals who feel judged, have a lack of confidence, feel unattractive, as well as exhausted, lethargic and sluggish. Often losing a once passionate desire to invest in stylish clothing knocks on into refusing social invitations, skipping foreign holidays and isolating oneself for fear of criticism. Others admit that aches and pains are affecting mobility, cholesterol and BP levels escalating, and the realisation that their bodies are slowly giving way to illness due to neglect has to be faced.

For many, the effect on their relationship or lack of relationship is due to negative self – image because of excess fat.  Many single people are held back from dating as the fear of rejection is so great. I’ve met so many young people who isolate themselves from the opposite sex because of their shape and size. For others, sexual intimacy is avoided as excess weight makes them fear being seen without clothing. The strain on a relationship then becomes psychological as rejection and resentment push people apart and the guilt of the overweight person causes them to portray anger and extreme sensitivity.

Whatever the reason, the solution to all these problems is well within your reach.  Whether it’s seven pounds or seven stones, weight can be lost and health regained with the correct actions and the correct guidance. Physically, the changes are immense, both inside and out, and your mental state can improve so much that you realise the amazing impact of good food and exercise on your mood.

I write this based on reality, based on clients who years later continue to manage their weight having attended Motivation and completed a programme with us.

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