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Healthy Egg Sausage Bake Turkey sausage is a great alternative to pork for those trying to lose weight. This is

Mediterranean Vegetables and Lamb Recipe Looking for a healthy recipe to warm you and your family warm up today? Look no

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Winter Appetite Control: Our Top Tips Even the strongest willpower is tested during the winter months, with the deluge of

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What’s all the Fuss about Omega-3s? At Motivation, we encourage all our weight loss clients to take a daily supplement

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We’ve all done it; grabbed our plate to sit in front of the TV or gobbled down our dinner standing

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Just because you are on a weight loss programme doesn’t mean you have to follow a dull and boring diet.

Do Not Be Tempted by Fad Diets In The Run Up To Christmas

I can feel Christmas is going to swoop in quickly this year. And, as a consultant, I often notice that

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September marked Irish Heart Month and we thought we’d follow up with a quick guide on heart health to keep

Why ‘Being Hangry’ is No Joke

You haven’t eaten in hours; your energy levels are completely zapped, you feel weak and even a bit dizzy, your