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‘Fast weight loss’ is one of the most popular weight loss search terms on Google.  Those of you reading this and are looking to shed some weight, naturally want to do so as quickly as possible. That’s such a natural feeling.

Herein lies your challenge. You will be presented with all sorts of diet programmes and quick-fix pills that promise you fast weight loss. As I’ve mentioned before, you’ll find a lot of these fad diets are not that expensive, so if they don’t work, you don’t feel as if you’ve lost a lot of your hard-earned money.

For some of you, this will be a familiar story. You’ve been down this road a good few times before, lost weight here and there, but sadly, have put it back on again.

Here at Motivation, we deliver a different weight loss experience. We enable fast weight loss in a controlled environment that focusses on your habits, behaviours and attitudes so that you are able to keep the weight off. It then becomes weight management: you’ve reached your ideal target weight and now your goal is to maintain that weight.

There is two specific aspects of our approach that you should know about:

1. The Motivation Keto Diet With Protein.

This plan facilitates fast weight loss while meeting your nutritional needs. This is important because it is critical to protect you muscle when losing weight. When losing weight, the key is to make your body turn to its fat reserves for energy – hence weight loss.

At the same time, it is critically important to protect your muscle as the body will also turn to its muscle for energy. Our keto diet plan provides that protection so the only body mass you lose is fat. Also, our keto diet plan is easy to follow and contains a wide variety of foods.

2. Habits, Behaviours & Attitudes.

Understand what’s at the root of your overeating and you will be able to effectively manage your weight. Most diet programmes fail because they do not tackle the root causes or as we call it, the WHY. Why are your habits, behaviours and attitudes leading you to overeat?

We will help you to change those aspects of your lifestyle so that they are reflective of your healthy, goal weight. This is the core to successful weight loss as you now transition to weight management and no longer have to worry about yo-yo dieting / putting the weight back on.


This can be a lot for you to take in, especially with so much doubt from previous failed diet programmes. Don’t worry. You are not alone and many of our clients were where you are now – unsure, confused and feeling isolated.

Our initial consultation is a great place to start.

It provides you with an opportunity of meeting with a caring and trusting person for 45 minutes, just to focus on YOU. This is important as all too often, and I include myself in this, we don’t give enough time for ourselves. For only €25 our initial consultation is great value.

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