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Want to Know the Real Secret to Managing Weight

I’m middle-aged. I cannot believe I’m actually saying those words but I just have to accept it (mmm…but I really

Time to Downsize our Portions Before We Explode

It’s time to downsize our portions! Is it just me, or have you noticed how crazily super-sized food portions have

Sugar tax is a good start to help the health of the nation

The following blog post is a complete transcript of our press release on the announcement that the government is to

Wellness moves centre stage as enabler of growth and profitability

The recently announced KeepWell Mark from Ibec is a most welcome initiative for Irish businesses, their employees and society at

6 Tips for Better Employee Wellness

Most employers and HR managers recognise the important of employee wellness but for many, it is a veritable minefield of

Health and wellbeing evening in aid of Irish Cancer society

We are delighted to announce the our Letterkenny clinic is hosting a health and wellbeing evening in aid of the

50 Plus Expo Cork Competition Winner

Thanks to the people of Cork for turning out for the 50 Plus Expo Cork in the Cork City Hall

Be Your Best – An Evening of Fashion Tips and Wellbeing Advice

The plan was hatched. We would host an event where clients, their friends and the wider public would be treated