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10 Easy Indoor Exercises – Don’t Let The Weather Stop You In Your Tracks!

  The weather is simply unpredictable so it can be hard for us to motivate ourselves to go outside and

10 Reasons to Love Walking this Autumn

10 Reasons to Love Walking this Autumn This is all about walking. It’s time to lace up your runners and

What is sarcopenia and how to avoid it

Muscle: The Engine Behind Our Metabolism As we age, many of us tend to gain weight. But have you ever

Take a Hike this Summer

The longer days and slightly slower pace of life are finally upon us as we are now well and truly

What is the impact of exercise on our overall well-being?

Exercise is not solely about losing weight and toning up. The impact of exercise can enhance our lives in many

Walking and weight loss

How many steps do you walk a day? If it is less than 10,000 steps you need to do more.

Warm Up Exercises

Warm Up Exercises These warm up exercises to start, and if they work for you and you become more familiar

Walking in Ireland

Walking in Ireland Bored with the route you’ve been taking around the housing estate, local park or village? Here’s our