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It’s a common age-old trap, that of overeating after exercise.


Well, we feel we deserve that chocolate bar or extra potato because we have worked hard breaking a sweat.

It is extremely common, especially when someone begins exercising to lose weight and are already in the habit of rewarding themselves with food. By doing so you are gaining back most if not all of the calories you burned while working out.

So, ask yourself, are you exercising to lose weight or as an excuse to eat more? This may sound like a strange question but it’s at the root of the issue.

With so many people now compelled to train from home, it is all too easy to reach for that treat after training.

Here are five tips to avoid overeating after exercise and get you on the right track for your weight loss.

1. Schedule Your Exercise For Before A Meal Time

This is number 1 by reason of its importance. By working out close to the time of your next meal you won’t find yourself snacking and therefore will reduce your calorie intake. Make sure to have some food prepared to decrease the time to wait and ensure you have a small snack before participating in any form of exercise.

2. Change How You Think About Exercise

If you continue to think of exercise as a chore it will be harder to maintain your exercise routine. Furthermore, you may continue to seek out food as a treat for exercising. Instead aim to think of it as something to help your mental health and stress levels.

In professional sporting environments where training dominates their ‘working’ day, this is a major focus and for good reason.

3. Do Something You Enjoy

Exercise can be a challenge but it is also something to be enjoyed. If you are not someone who likes walking then consider joining a class, or under the current Covid-19 restrictions, an online class. There is a growing choice of online fitness / exercise courses. This brings in a social aspect which decreases the likelihood of giving up and reduces the negative thoughts regarding working out.

4. Ask Yourself Why You’re Eating

Often when we eat at certain times it’s due to routine. If you find yourself going to the fridge the minute you get home ask yourself why? Is it because that’s what you have always done after exercise or are you physically hungry?

5. Be Realistic

If you are realistic with yourself you will recognise that exercise cannot cancel out the excess food you have consumed to the point that you will still lose fat. If you can remember this vital fact, then you will be more successful in your weight loss journey.

The last pointer is not a tip – it’s a must do – make sure you are hydrated. Have a 500ml water bottle or equivalent to hand. Water is vitally important to active weight loss and keeping fit. Also, drinking water will help suppress cravings. Try adding lemon to your water for added benefits.

We hope these pointers to avoid overeating after exercise will assist you in achieving a healthy and enjoyable exercise routine.

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