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How Does Anger Impact Weight Loss?

Today we wanted to cover an important area that can greatly impact your health.

Our founder Dr.Maurice Larocque has been researching obesity, stress, and motivation for many years. By doing so, he realised the importance of chronic stress.

He measured cortisol levels in his patients’ blood to identify which emotions were mostly involved.

Preliminary results showed that chronic anger is probably responsible for higher levels. And this helped him understand the notion of compassion, which is highly important for Buddhists.

If I ask you: Do you have compassion? Probably most of you will answer: Oh yes. I am generous.. I help people in need.. I am volunteering …etc. When we look at the definition of compassion, it says: an emotion felt when we perceive or feel the other’s suffering and our efforts to alleviate it.

That’s the easy part.

Now, if I ask you: do you have compassion for those who hurt you, physically or psychologically? Well… maybe most of you will hesitate or will quickly say: not at all. I wish them the same suffering they did to me. That is the most challenging part but the most important one for your body and mental health.

First, you have to know that anger is an automatic emotion, out of conscious control, that protects you against perceived threats to your life or to your ego. That’s good.

The problem comes from long-term anger that can hurt you. This is where compassion for your enemies becomes essential. The negative energetic vibrations of anger are so strong that they will trigger a high cortisol level that will jeopardize your body systems for as long as they last.

How Does Anger Impact Weight Loss?

Here are some tips on how to manage and alleviate anger.

1) Don’t give importance to criticisms or insults. Do not fight for the useless energy you do not need to survive.

2) Don’t forget that when people criticize or even insult you, they tell more about themselves than about you.

3) Accept people’s differences, qualities, and faults. Stop demanding that they should have the same values as you.

4) Stop being right. Only your serenity counts.

Only compassion may relieve our own suffering; vengeance cannot. You can have compassion for yourself and forgive yourself for those actions you are not proud of if you can have compassion for people who made you suffer.

Whether you like it or not: it is all related!

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