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The role of gratitude

The role of gratitude in one’s life and in particular, on a weight loss journey, is worthy of consideration.

Gratitude is much more than politeness, saying thank you or helping a friend; it’s a deeper psychological state of genuine thankfulness. It’s not always true but notice the people in life who are happiest of all. In the main, it’s not those with the best job or most money in the bank. They are the people who are content with their lot, who appreciate the small things and feel genuinely lucky regardless of their circumstances. They are the people who show joy and an amazing sense of peace as they enjoy life on all levels. They understand and appreciate the role of gratitude.

It makes sense but that doesn’t make it easy. Everyone has something to deal with and no life is perfect. But when we really think about it, each of us could spend a day identifying all the things in our life that merits gratitude. It’s a good idea to keep a journal or to record the role of gratitude in your life. At Motivation we are strong advocates of keeping a written food diary. It’s an easy add-on to also keep a gratitude diary.

This is a great way to keep yourself in a thankful positive state of mind.

In the morning:

  1. Write down 3 things you are thankful for each day. (avoid repeating the same things).

Start with yourself, your abilities, then other people, situations and experiences.

  1. Write down 3 commitments that will make you more positive.

At night:

  1. What have I given today? Eg time, a listening ear.
  2. What did I learn today?
  3. How can I use today as an investment in my future?

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of discontentment, unconsciously allowing that constant flow of negative thoughts to cause feelings of sadness, guilt, resentment and anger.

At Motivation our goal is that clients’ lives are enhanced as they revitalise and transform the level of physical health, energy and vitality by taking charge of these most important areas. When you understand and follow our core principles that create health and energy, everything else falls into place. So, as you step into these summer months, please make a commitment to put aside any limiting beliefs that may have held you back in the past and most importantly take care of your minds, bodies and spirits at the deepest level.

The result will be amazing as you will become more confident in your own ability to succeed, and move forward with a sense of excitement and possibility for your entire life!


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