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Want to Lower Your Golf Handicap (1)

So, you want to lower your golf handicap?

Probably an important question for most golfers and especially so as we exit a prolonged and enforced period of hibernation.

One of the unintended consequences of the successive lockdowns is that many people put on weight. The knock-on effect for golfers is that the extra weight affects your golf swing in four specific ways:

  1. The extra weight is usually put on around the hips and core. This impacts how you can execute your swing and has a significant impact on your fades and draws.
  2. Extra weight impedes your swing as flexibility is reduced. As mentioned above, fades and draws are impacted but so also is distance. With reduced flexibility, your ability to fully open up your swing is reduced.
  3. Carrying extra weight is tiring. For arguments sake, say you’ve put on close to a stone / 6 kg over the past 14 months; now go get something in your home / office that weighs something close to a stone. Imagine carrying that around for 18 holes / 3 hours.
  4. The mental impact. Do your golf clothes still fit you? Are you conscious of that extra weight you are carrying?

Getting back to where you were before the lockdowns starts with understanding the options open to you. We wrote a short eBook, ‘The Golf Report: Swing Into Health And Lower Your Golf Handicap‘ and it contains some straightforward advice that you can apply to your lifestyle straight away.

If you want to lower your golf handicap, losing weight is an ideal first step. We know from first-hand experience that many clients find that a reduced golf handicap is just one of the many benefits from shedding those unwanted pounds.

So, check out our free golf eBook and hopefully, you’ll pick up some good advice to help you along your way.





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