6 Things People Say About Motivation  

As clients go through our programme here in Motivation, it is always interesting to receive comments about their experience. Everyone with a weight issue has a different reason as to why they’re unhappy with their initial weight and what led them there, but when we ask clients for feedback the same themes come up on a regular basis.

These are the most common:


    While most people have some knowledge of nutritional guidelines, they generally tell us they’ve learned a lot about balancing food groups. What they thought were healthy amounts of carbohydrates, fruit and root vegetables are usually too high, and often they are unaware of the importance of protein throughout the day. Getting the balance correct means they feel better, have more energy and lose pounds of fat faster than ever before.


    Clients find this the most interesting part of the programme as they learn how their thoughts, not EVENTS dictate their behaviours. They learn the difference between willpower and motivation, and can monitor changes in their habits and attitudes using the unique Mental Weight Questionnaire (MWQ). They realise that long term weight loss means working on motivation through tools and challenging negative internal self-talk.


    Most of our clients are unaware of their body composition and have only ever used a standard weighing scales. At Motivation we want to ensure healthy weight loss and so use body fat machines to check that clients are losing fat and maintaining lean muscle. This is crucial as it is fat that causes health problems and muscle is needed by the body to help keep the weight off. This is a great tool as fat loss equals inch loss and so people shrink much faster when losing fat.


    Most people have well defined triggers but it is only when we go through the list of reasons why people overeat – physiological and/or psychological that it really makes sense. The impact of HYPOGLYCAEMIA is intriguing for many, especially as they have had the symptoms but didn’t know it was hunger related. Understanding these triggers makes weight loss easier as it reduces frustration and allows the client to take ownership of his or her behaviours and lifestyle.

  5. COST

    The assumption that it is more expensive to eat healthily is completely reversed. Feedback from clients is that it’s only after cutting out the bars, cakes, lattes and takeaways that they realise how expensive they were. Batch cooking, less waste and more mindful grocery shopping all help in cutting costs, as does portion control and water drinking. Buying rubbish might seem cheap, but it’s costly to feel and look rubbish too!


    People tell us that the private one to one consultations make the weight loss journey easier and more enjoyable as they can talk openly and honestly about their experiences. This forms a therapeutic alliance where goal setting and weekly monitoring provides clients with structure, accountability and positive reinforcement. Advisers help clients with nutrition, but more importantly with changing psychological parameters. Dieting can make you lose excess pounds, but a motivational approach and psychological changes are essential to long term weight loss success.


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