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Lucy Kenneally before and after weight loss comparison


“Before I joined Motivation I never went out socialising”

Lucy at only 26, has already achieved a huge amount for someone so young. A few years ago, Lucy embarked on a personal journey which would see her drop an incredible 10 stone over the course of two years. With the help of Motivation Weight Management she managed to completely turn her life around become the person she was always meant to be.

Lucy had always struggled with her weight growing up. Like most young people, Lucy wanted to spend time out and about with her friends, making new ones and having fun but she found she didn’t enjoy being in company as a result of her weight.

She felt self-conscious about her size and found it difficult to find clothes that would fit her comfortably.

As Lucy gained weight, her confidence dropped further and she turned to food more and more for comfort. Lucy also found that drinking helped with her shyness and would often consume large amounts of alcohol before leaving the house for a night out, which only compounded her weight problem. She was trapped in a vicious cycle and nothing she tried seemed to work.

“All my clothes before I joined Motivation were a size 28-30”

Carrying so much extra weight was costing Lucy, at 22 stone, financially as well as negatively impacting her health and wellbeing. At the time, she would have spent a fortune on junk food, alcohol and clothes. According to Lucy, since losing the weight she has saved herself over €700 a year on clothes alone, since she ‘no longer has to buy speciality clothes’ to fit her size.

Lucy heard of Motivation through a friend and was bowled over by the results. Lucy says that with the help of Motivation her friend ‘had shrunk to half her size, I couldn’t get over it!’. Lucy contacted her local Clinic in Ennis, County Clare and with the team’s help and support Lucy learned to take back control of her diet and successfully manage her weight for the first time.

According to Lucy, she can think of no one word that can describe how she feels these days. She has a completely new life thanks to her amazing weight loss*. She can now go into any high street shop and buy clothes in her size and has even taken up running. Maybe most notable of all, is that with her new found confidence, Lucy no longer relies on alcohol to help her get through an evening, in fact now she hardly drinks at all.

“My social life is fantastic now, the only problem I have now is trying to pick out what to wear!”

And the best thing about Motivation for Lucy?

“The one-to-one sessions with my adviser was my favourite thing, I preferred that rather than a group and it really worked for me.”



* Results achieved by following a tailored programme. Weight loss results may vary from person to person.

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