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Deirdre's PCOS Weight Loss Success

Deirdre’s PCOS Weight Loss Success

Deirdre’s PCOS Weight Loss Success: Deirdre McAleer, a 37-year-old psychiatric nurse from Monaghan had suffered for 20 years from a ‘classic’ case of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  Over the twenty years she had battled to combat both the side effects and the psychological side and it is only now that she has managed to fully control the symptoms.

Deirdre says “I was just 17 when I was diagnosed with a medical diagnosis I would not wish on any girl – PCOS.  Over the twenty years my periods were all over the place, I could have one twice a year or twice a month along with bad period symptoms.  The worst side effect was the facial and body hair which is so damaging to a girl’s confidence, I literally had what you could call a thick beard.  It was really tough.”

She said the only treatment recommended by her doctors was to tackle weight control and prescriptive contraceptives to manage her menstrual cycle, however, it still took her twenty years to get it right!  The catch 22 vicious cycle was that the contraceptives made her put on weight and with the facial hair issue, it was extremely difficult to become motivated and conquer her weight issue. She went from 11 stone to 15 stone in her early twenties, despite being a nurse who understood health, trying every diet under the sun and reading all the books about managing the syndrome.

In November 2014, Deirdre turned to Motivation Weight Management to tackle her weight issue. She has now succeeded in reaching her ultimate weight of 9 stone 10 pounds, her periods have returned to normal and her facial hair is under control. Deirdre said “I really can’t believe it, I literally am a new person.  Obviously Motivation Weight Management’s approach has worked for my body, I know the mental support has made all the difference for me in that it’s taken twenty years to get here!”


PCOS or POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME is a condition in which women have a number of small cysts around their ovaries, thus the name PCOS. Normal ovaries only have half this number of cysts. The cysts have not developed properly and so don’t release an egg so ovulation does not happen. It causes irregular or no periods, excessive hair growth (higher testosterone), acne, fertility problems and weight gain.

PCOS clients tell us they crave sugar constantly and feel powerless to overcome this with willpower. The most important thing to realize is that this is normal. Forget about willpower! It won’t work for this issue. The problem is insulin resistance where after eating carbohydrate the cells are resistant to the insulin released, so they continue to demand glucose. Erratic blood sugar levels and constant cravings cause a vicious cycle of overeating sugar which in PCOS sufferers is quickly turned into fat. This is PHYSIOLOGICAL – The more overweight one becomes, the greater the shift in biochemistry to the point where the body releases toxic chemicals demanding more sugar. This drives the cravings up as >sugar feeds sugar which, again, stores as fat.

Motivation help women to manage the symptoms of PCOS by managing blood sugar peaks and troughs. Once hypoglycaemia is managed, cravings are almost eliminated which lets the body relax and start to eliminate fat. For women like Deirdre this is amazing. This is especially important late evening and at night when cravings become most strong. Imagine feeling in control for the first time in 20 years. Motivation’s plans are designed for fat loss which is crucial for the health of PCOS sufferers. Otherwise they are at high risk of Coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Stress needs to be managed to reduce cravings and adequate sleep taken to keep hunger hormones at bay. Exercise makes a big difference as does alcohol reduction or abstinence which plays havoc with blood sugar levels.

If you have this condition and are struggling with the symptoms don’t despair. Many have overcome side effects with changes in lifestyle. Like Deirdre and many others, the secret is to leave dieting behind. Aim to change mind and body. Have confidence despite past efforts. After all “This time it’s different!”

For more information about how Motivation can help you deal with your weight related health concerns speak to an Adviser in your local clinic.

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