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Alcohol, Your Health and Weight Loss

Ireland has long held dear a close bond with alcohol. Alcohol underpins most of our sporting occasions, is present at virtually every major family celebration, be it the christening, holy communion. confirmation, engagement, marriage and last but not least, the last great farewell. It’s probably easier to count those occasions where a glass of your favourite tipple is not within reach.

However, we’re now much better informed as to the clear and present danger that alcohol presents, not only to ourselves but to the unborn and young persons. With such ready access to unambiguous and scientifically proven data on the dangers of alcohol, we are the most well informed generation ever.

When it comes to weight loss and weight management there is no doubt that alcohol is both a contributing factor to weight gain and an inhibiting factor to weight loss.

The more you drink, the most calories you consume = weight gain.

Also, alcohol acts as an impediment to weight loss = weight loss is slower.

Check out our blog Alcohol and Weight Loss.

For many people, alcohol is seen as a reward. After a long day it’s a comfort, a way of kicking back and relaxing with a beer, a glass of wine or a gin and tonic. Alcohol is an oral comfort used to de-stress. Unfortunately, alcohol works in the opposite way. More on that in the podcast.

Most people fixate on the alcohol content and neglect to look at the calorie count. If you like your relaxing glass of red every evening and perhaps double (even treble) up on a Friday and Saturday, then you’ve just added hundreds of calories to your weekly consumption.

Here at Motivation we have a weight loss plan that takes into account where you prefer to have your social drink and to do this we simply adjust your weight loss programme and allocate carbohydrate allowances against your alcohol consumption.

Our Accelerator plan on the other hand is alcohol free and this should be noted – weight loss on this programme is accelerated. The absence of alcohol makes a significant difference to the speed of weight loss.

We all know that feeling the morning after the night before. You’ve a much higher incidence of reaching for foods you normally wouldn’t reach for. Drinking alcohol stimulates the appetite and brings on what we call a ‘false hunger.’

So, we have to look at the bigger picture of what we are drinking and what we are putting into our bodies.

Did you know we get less sleep as a result of drinking alcohol and lack of sleep is a trigger for eating.

Also, did you know if you consume alcohol before a meal there is generally a 20% increase in calories consumed. Why? You lose your inhibition to stick to your weight loss plan. Avoid having that drink or swap it for a water and keep your drink(s) for during the meal or afterwards.

Finally, you need to learn about the different types of fat that may be accumulating in your body. Beer bellies are predominantly a male issue but females have them too and they carry a lot of visceral fat that predisposes you to a wide range of serious and life threatening diseases.

Listen to the podcast and start your education on the dangers associated with alcohol.

Please note: All our weight loss sessions are held in private on a one-to-one basis. If you want privacy and the opportunity to open up with one person, then Motivation is the place for you.



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