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How Best To Approach Setting Weight Loss Goals In 2020

This podcast covers how best to approach setting weight loss goals in 2020 and it’s also worth noting how it covers the challenges new year goals bring.

Key to getting the most from this podcast is taking on board Maebh’s assertion that change is a skill that has to be learnt and practised. It takes time and as Maebh points out this is not what the general public want to hear. They want change and they want it now – why not as that’s what all the quick fix and fad diets claim.

The genuine reality is that, and maturity most definitely tells you this, is that is takes time and you can’t rush these things.

It’s important to point out that losing weight is a positive change that you are making and it’s important to try and enjoy the journey rather than seeing it as an endurance test. If you pigeon hole it as an endurance test you may well be setting yourself up for failure. You frame of mind is critical to success.

Be careful of guilt and perfectionism. If for some reason you slip up don’t throw the towel in. Slips are common and happen to most people. It’s how you deal with the slip that is important. They key is to see the slip for what it is and move on. We will help you with that process.

As both Aisling and Maebh point out, your ambition or goal to lose weight is best approached by breaking it down into a series of small steps.

What’s important to recognise is that when you start out on your weight loss journey, we will be there for you, supporting you on every step.

While the end goal will be ever present, we work with you to focus and celebrate the many minor achievements along the way. We will help you to feel better both physically and mentally.

Another important consideration for people when looking to a new year goal is to think about how they want to feel rather than the goal itself.

If you were able to achieve that weight loss how would that make you feel and how would that transfer into your daily life:

  • Better health
  • More energy
  • Less stress
  • Feeling really proud

All these things are far more effective that focussing on the end weight loss goal as such.

Underlying this is our approach to changing the habits and behaviours that are causing you to overeat in the first place.

By working on those habits and behaviours you will come to notice significant changes in your mental wellbeing with the physical weight loss as a very happy companion.

Setting weight loss goals in 2020 need not be so daunting or off-putting. Previous years and previous failures can be consigned to the past by signing up to a Motivation Weight Management programme.

Enjoy the podcast.

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